Knowledge Base
  Duct Leakage Subtraction Method  Energy Conservatory Enhanced Method
  BPI Building Analyst Standards
  BPI Envelope Professional Standards
  Beacon HEA Assistant for Modeling Complex Homes
Company Documents
  Employee Handbook (updated 5/30/17)
  EH Email Setup for iPad/iPhone/Android
  Q Drive Access For Mobile Devices (updated 12/13/18)
  Confined Spaces Policy
  Confined Spaces Training Certification
  Confined Spaces Permit Checklist
  VPN Setup For Q Drive Access (desktops and laptops)

  Contractual Standards of Performance
  Process & Procedures
  Data Collection Checklist
  Supplies Order Form

  HPwES Contractor Guide Book
  Data Collection Form
  Worst Case Draft Form
  Rebate Application Instructions
  Rebate Application & Customer Agreement
  Rebate Worksheet
  Job Completion (Test-out) Form

  Process & Procedures

  Data Collection Form
  Worst Case Draft Form
  Rebate Application Instructions
  Rebate Application & Customer Agreement
  Rebate Worksheet
  Job Completion (Test-out) Form
  SMECO HPwES Portal Instructions
    User Name:
    Password: tcrane20
    Audit Portal (For Contractor Incentives)
    Rebate Portal (For Customer Rebates)

Appliance Order Instructions
  Subcontractor Standard Operating Procedures
  Customer Instructions and Signature Sheet

Best Buy Order Form Spreadsheets

Best Buy Appliance Spec Sheets
  refrigerator/freezer, Frigidaire, 20.6cf, 30in, white
  refrigerator/freezer,Frigidaire, 20.6cf, 30in, black
  refrigerator/freezer, Samsung, french style, 19.7cf, 33in, stainless
  refrigerator/freezer, Frigidaire, 18.2cf, black
  refrigerator/freezer, Frigidaire, 18.2cf, stainless
  refrigerator/freezer, Frigidaire, 18.2cf, 30in, white
  refrigerator/freezer, Frigidaire, 16.5cf, 28in, white
  refrigerator/freezer, Samsung, french style, 25.5cf, stainless
  refrigerator/freezer, Samsung, french style, 25.5cf, black

  chest freezer, Frigidaire, 12.9cf, white
  chest freezer, Frigidaire, 14.8cf, white
  freezer, Frigidaire, upright, white, 16.7cf
  freezer, Frigidaire, upright, white, 20.6cf
  washing machine, LG, front loading, 3.6cf, white
  washing machine, LG, front loading, 4.0cf, white